Biodegradable plastic packaging vs paper packaging

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  Why are biodegradable plastics being advocated now? Isn't paper packaging easier to degrade and more environmentally friendly?
  In recent years, reports of animals dying after ingesting plastic waste, Marine environments full of non-biodegradable plastic waste, and even the discovery of microplastics in humans have made more people aware of the dangers of plastic pollution. custom printed paper coffee cups As a result, many countries around the world are boycotting the use of plastic bags and advocating greener alternatives to plastic products that take less than a few minutes to degrade but take at least hundreds of years to break down.
  Problems existing in paper packaging
  And in the past two years, the plastic policy is more mentioned in the ecological degradable plastic, there are also some people feel confused about this, to say degradable, paper packaging is not easier to degrade more environmentally friendly, so why don't we mainly promote paper packaging?custom printed paper cups
  Here we are going to have to make a concept "product life cycle", when we talk about a product is environmental protection, not only see whether will do harm to the environment after waste, but along the entire life cycle of products, ranging from the exploitation of raw materials, manufacture, transportation, distribution, use whether to eventually abandoned stage leads to pollution.
  From the point of view of the final waste stage, paper packaging does have a great advantage in terms of degradability, but in the stage of raw material exploitation, the destruction of forest trees, manufacturing and recycling and reproduction of the three wastes, has always been the focus of observation of environmental pollution. If the previous market demand for plastic is replaced by the same ratio, paper packaging will be far more polluting than ordinary plastic.
  Biodegradable plastics are the solution
  So can ecologically degradable plastics circumvent these problems of paper packaging and solve the problem of plastic pollution instead of plastic products?
  Eco-degradable plastics is a scientific and technological innovation from the source of plastic pollution to solve the problem of plastic pollution. cone shaped paper cups

It is a new technological product that has been successfully developed for 13 years to accelerate the degradation of plastic back to the ecological circle. It is a new material made of ordinary food grade polyethylene plastic and patented EBP degradation master material, which can be completely degraded under any natural conditions through formula selection design and innovative production process. The degradation process will not produce any harmful substances to the environment.
  Ecological plastic production process is a physical process, belongs to the light industry cl****, does not produce three wastes and toxic substances, the whole production process is pollution-free, no adverse emissions. Therefore, no matter from which aspect, ecological degradable plastic is the first choice of packaging materials in the environment of environmental protection.
  At present, the total global demand for biodegradable plastics is nearly 1.2 million tons, with PLA and PBAT accounting for 25% and 24% of starch composites, respectively. However, starch material has limited properties and is difficult to be applied on a large scale. bag****e bowl suppliers PLA has unique hardness and transparency properties, and PBAT has the most cost advantage among soft materials. These two materials will become the fastest growing varieties of degradable plastics in the future. Hyde Environmental Technology supports a wide range of degradable products represented by PLA as alternatives to products that harm the environment. You can find a range of biodegradable products on our website.
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