Bremont Martin Baker MBII WHITE MBII-WH/OR/R Replica Watch

Bremont Martin Baker MBII WHITE MBII-WH/OR/R Replica Watch


Treasure Jaguar MKII BJ-11 / WH

Since its inception, Bremont has advocated for its British ancestry and has hoisted a British-made flag. Therefore, Thames' Henley-on-Thames replica swiss watch brand is very suitable to cooperate with high-end car maker Jaguar.

Bremont Jaguar MKII BJ-11 / WH is one of several co-branded brands designed to celebrate the British craftsmanship. The aesthetic code of each dial elegantly echoes the design of the periodic dashboard in the prestigious car logo model. The latest version of the Bremont Jaguar series is inspired by the light E-jaguar of the 1960s.


The white dial immediately gives a sense of purity. The faceted minute and minute hands are silver-toned with red tips and stand out above the dial canvas.

The two small dials are delivered in contrasting black, mimicking the cockpit instruments in the aforementioned light E model. The left sub-dial shows the small seconds, while the right sub-dial functions as a 30-minute chronograph. The size and style of the sub-dial gives it a uniform feel, ensuring that every element of the dial has cohesion and replica watch 

Arabic numerals indicate hours, but are limited to 8 and 4 o'clock. The dots are responsible for allocating time between 5 and 7 o'clock. The lack of a chapter loop between 4 and 8 o'clock does make reading readers a minor challenge and will be the only criticism of my dial layout.

The central chronograph seconds hand uses a lollipop design to help improve visibility.

An aperture is located at 6 o'clock and is framed by an elongated square to guide the eyes to the current date. The speedometer scale simplifies the calculation of speed.

The dial of the Bremont Jaguar MKII BJ-11 / WH mimics the instrumentation of the Lightweight E-Type well, but has successfully played a role in communicating clearly with the wearer.Bremont Jaguar watch


The case is made of polished, hardened stainless steel. As a rule of thumb, I know that this special material works well to eliminate minor effects. The 43mm diameter case is described as the BremontTrip-Tick® structure and refers to a three-part case with a DLC case strap.

Bremont wisely avoided oversized sizes that would otherwise prevent some potential buyers from making a purchase. Bremont Jaguar MKII BJ-11 / WH's short lugs wrap the wrist for a comfortable fit.

The crown is decorated with tread patterns. The decoration does not change the practicality of the style and proves easy to hold and adjust.

The blue perforated calfskin leather belt is reminiscent of the racing gloves of the past. It fits a watch and adds a certain nostalgia.


The sapphire crystal window frame and the back of the case complement each other, giving you a glimpse of the automatic movement.Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch

Bremont spent a lot of effort on the surface treatment and appearance of the caliber 13 1? 4 '' 'BE-50AE. The oscillating weight is beautifully designed, imitating the appearance of a steering wheel inside the Jaguar E-Type. The central bridge is decorated with a dynamic blue movement.

This watch is a powerful chronograph whose quality has been certified by the Independent Astronomical Clock Certification (COSC).

A potential problem with making watches with the name of a car company is that marketing opportunism often takes precedence over style and functionality. Thankfully, Bremont Jaguar MKII BJ-11 / WH successfully overcomes this danger and presents a daunting gorgeous beauty in the process.

The dial is clean, easy to observe and easy to read. The housing is sturdy and durable, the surface is hard and scratch resistant. Bremont equips Jaguar MKII BJ-11 / WH with a beautiful movement, with striking oscillating quality, some pleasing finishing and COSC certification.

Bremont has crafted a timepiece with a variety of qualities and provided a banner for all Anglo-speaking people. The design of this watch fully considers the patriot's heart, it is a real timepiece with the name of Jaguar.harry winston replica watches

Technical index

Model: Baoming Jaguar MKII BJ-11 / WH
Case: steel; diameter 43mm; sapphire crystal glass front and bottom cover; water resistance up to 10 ATM (100 meters).
Functions: hours; minutes; small seconds; date; chronograph
Movement: Movement No. 13 1? 4 '' 'BE-50AE; self-winding movement; frequency 28,800 VpH (4Hz); 28 stones; power reserve 42 hours.
Strap: blue perforated calfskin strap, attached to a steel buckle.