DXN Code Strike some good results

DXN Code Strike some good results I think it I


DXN Code Strike some good results I think it I came up with the numbers that it was over 60 or 70 percent of men who think it's very safe never heard of anyone having a problem a side-effect besides maybe a little bruise that you know that lasts more than a or two and a lot of positive results but we're still learning as we go know a very cool that you're not like I mean just I think one of the things that's probably true of these types of procedures is that the degree to which it's going to help you is probably the degree to which you're also caring for yourself when you go into the process I would imagine absolutely yeah yeah I want to talk about gains wave too but we've we've focused a lot on almost entirely and the whole men because that's where most of the science and sexual performance really sits I believe at this point but you can also do believe the stem cell injections for women as well do you want to walk us through how 


DXN Code Strike Reveiws looking at it's not the site that I've seen in women mostly are not looking at improving sexual performance as much as they are treating a problem so I've seen studies looking at treating treating like lichen sclerosis which is a scarring disease of the of the vulva and these these therapies seem to be really helpful for that or as a few studies looking at treating stress urinary incontinence and using these injections around the urethra to help with that and so again some interesting research coming out of those areas but for whatever reason I haven't seen it studied as much just looking at pure you know pleasure improving sexual pleasure in the woman like I have in the man which is unfortunate yeah sounds like we need some some Studies on that for sure maybe it's just this whole was it multi-billion but hundred millions of dollar industry for erectile dysfunction drugs and correct me if I'm wrong but I