how to stop overeating

this product when it works what looks great all right so to finalize everything right now how would you like to handle the shipping is that a bee for a master I got my master Cod here from the potato pond that I can use all right all right send me a card number okay it's a 5 108 to n


how to stop overeating you can't eat is it if I ran far with you thank you for your job search so there's many confirms what I'm selling here you'll have it available to start eating the thing is whole arable sorry Connie okay so if so if I eat some potatoes with my potato phone it's not going to make me sick or nothing like that oh and I've been affecting all your despotic it's safe it's a supplement no chemicals all right so let me finalize everything here announcer yeah I just have one question so you said you said a large number because herbal right yeah okay yes so if it's herbal does that mean I could put it in the potato and then eat it and because I have problems swallowing the pills yeah your candy is that whatever you want so I can put it in the potato does it do anything with that or will it what goes what happens there sorry do you want me to do you want to take advantage for this free trial oh yes I do but I just had some questions about it bi I've