How to Write a Dissertation Hypothesis? Beginners’ Guide

Writing a strong dissertation hypothesis is undeniably one challenging task for PhD students. There are so many crucial aspects to meet.


Writing a strong dissertation hypothesis is undeniably one challenging task for PhD students. There are so many crucial aspects to meet. From conducting preliminary research to formulating and refining the hypothesis; there are so many things to consider. Now that you are stuck with the task and looking for comprehensive solutions that can assist you in this matter, invest some time in reading this article.

It comprises a one-stop solution to your dissertation hypothesis writing woes.

Here you go.

  • Conduct preliminary research

First things first, you must focus on the aspect of conducting constructive research. Your analysis for the dissertation hypothesis should be based on the following points.

  • Look for theories and studies related to the dissertation topic.
  • Construct a conceptual framework to identify the variables you will study.
  • Choose to stick to the research avenue that would suit your objectives best.


  • Formulate your hypothesis

This is said to be one of the most crucial stages of writing a dissertation hypothesis. You need to formulate the hypothesis by abiding by the following conventions.

  • All the terms you would use in the hypothesis must have clear definitions.
  • Make sure the specific group has been thoroughly studied.
  • The hypothesis must also contain the expected or predicted outcome of the analysis.


  • Phrase your hypothesis in a structured manner

Phrasing your hypothesis is yet another essential point of action which is to be prioritised to prepare the final draft seamlessly. Follow these suggestions for successful outcomes.

  • Identify the variables and write a simple prediction.
  • Remember, the first part of the sentence should state the independent variable.
  • Likewise, the second part of the sentence should state the dependent variable.

Make sure these three actionable points must be accurately executed. One must not break the order or choose to state the dependent variable in the first sentence.

  • Come up with a null hypothesis

The null hypothesis refers to the default position that shows no association between the variables. A null hypothesis is written as H0.

Adding it up will help you establish a secure position in your dissertation where you can perceive things from a neutral perspective. You will also be able to introduce the generic point of view at first and gradually move on the argumentative context accordingly.

So, keep each of the aforementioned points in consideration, re-visit the article and make sure that your hypothesis and research process matches with the aspects discussed here. In case, you would still find the task difficult, consult a reliable dissertation hypothesis writer to seek help for customised solutions of marketing dissertation help.

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