What is the global distribution of GPA at university?

The GPA is one of the most critical numbers that is required when enrolling in the Bachelor’s or Master’s programmer. The GPA or Grade Point Average of a student indicates the overall performance the student has scored on an average. These numbers are used to ****ess whether the studen


The GPA calculator is a number which shows what a student has scored throughout his semester, term and year. There are many grading systems applicable in the global scenario which uses different scales, letters, numbers, and so on. A few common ways of measuring the grade are:

· A-F: It is used in the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

· 1–10: It is used in Colombia, Latvia, Netherlands and Israel.

· 1–5: It is used in Russia, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Paraguay.

· Percentage: It is used in Belgium, Hungary, Kuwait and Poland.

The ways of measuring the grades in different counties might be different; however, it is translatable and readable in every country.

GPA Calculator

The calculation of GPA is shown by taking an example. Suppose a student has three courses and for programming assignment (1 credit), Mathematics (2 credits) and History Homework (3 credits). The GPA on the scale is as follows:

· Science — C (C is 2.0 on a GPA scale)

· Mathematics — B (B is 3.0 on a GPA scale)

· English — A (A is 4.0 on a GPA scale)

Thus, if we multiply the grade with the credits, we see that the student has scored 2-grade points on Science, 6 for Mathematics and 12 for English. To calculate the average GPA, we divide the total grade with the total number of credits, i.e. (6+12+2)/9. This is how we get 3.33.

GPA is important during the Bachelor’s or Master degree programme as it helps in

· Applying for a scholarship program,

· Applying for a graduate and post-graduate programme, and

· Doing extra-curricular activities.