2020 Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Pink is Available Now

2020 Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Pink is Available Now


Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Pink original built-in air cushion magic block A model large bottom first layer calf leather, shoe tongue AJ original special Oxford cloth + AJ special reverse mouth pearl cloth + original non-impurity high elasticity Inner sponge + special edge-stretched elastic laces.The original designated shoe box side label ink is printed, equipped with the original three-color shoelace and the original anti-drop bag buckle. Various pure original details identification.

Cheap Jordans 2020 joint limited edition classic air cushion running shoes, using the company's raw material mesh and the original mold data file to develop and manufacture 100% pure shoe type, the company uses the original air cushion on the correct texture Bottom assembly original shoe tongue thickness sponge original high frequency side font mold ink printing fonts all correspond, original high elastic material insole resilience is consistent with the company original original bottom fabric stitching traces and footnote holes and steel stamps are synchronized with the company Consistently calibrate the original shoe label.

New Jordan breathable cushioning sprint shoes use a light upper, and innovative foam brings revolutionary rebound performance for long-distance training, a new upgrade. The partial lining design covering the toe to the middle foot, which fits the traditional foot shape from the middle foot to the heel, is designed to help you invest in quick and excellent training. The upper of fabric and synthetic material will upgrade the lightness, while the ingenious materials make the appearance breathable. The rubber outsole helps absorb shocks and provides grip that can handle a variety of grounds.