Is DD Washer Motor Really Good

DD motor is actually the abbreviation of Direct Driver, which means direct drive.

DD motor is actually the abbreviation of Direct Driver, which means direct drive. The washing machine says that the DD Washing Machine Motor is the motor that directly drives the pulsator or the drum to rotate. It does not need to pass the washer motor of the belt drive. Therefore, strictly speaking, DD can only be said to be A driving method, in theory, any type of motor can be called a DD motor as long as it uses a direct drive. Of course, if you have to say that the DD motor and the rotary motor are different in the washing machine, it is that the DD motor needs to output more torque at low speed, otherwise it can't wash the clothes and can't bring the drum/wheel to rotate. Stirring new concepts, playing word games has always been a favorite thing for washing machine manufacturers. In fact, DD direct drive is not a new thing. There are many direct-drive devices around us, such as the most common fans and mechanical hard drives.

Compared with the traditional motor that needs to rely on the transmission, the direct drive motor can achieve the speed of the belt drive without a high speed. The speed is slower and the sound is smaller, and because the direct drive structure is simpler, It is easy to generate vibration, so the DD washer motor is really quieter.

The power of the direct drive motor is not consumed in the speed reduction mechanism, the friction of the components in the belt, the chain or the gearbox, so their efficiency is relatively higher. At the same time, there is no transmission and deceleration device, and the easily damaged parts are also Less, the DD motor has a longer life and higher efficiency.

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