Hot Wheels Rocket League Trading 5-Pack

Hot Wheels Rocket League Trading 5-Pack


Additionally, the physical Hot Wheels Rocket League Trading 5-Pack will be available worldwide in mid-October. The Gazella GT, MR11, Fast 4WD, Bone Shaker, and Twin Mill III battle-cars are brought to life as diecast toys and specially marked packs will include a code that unlocks the exclusive in-game DLC item, ot Hot Wheels?

From the baseball diamond to the fields of ocket League,?Kelvin R?Keller Jr. has always displayed great hand-eye coordination. Now the athlete is taking his skills to the University of South Carolina-Sumter.He won be spending his time on the field where fastballs speed past swinging bats. He will be spending his time in front of a screen, hurling a giant ball past cars and trying to score goals like Cristiano Ronaldo.

So this is what it like when worlds collide, huh? No, not referencing the song by Powerman 5000. What I trying to say is that I love when my love of cars and video games collide and it just happened thanks to a new DLC from Rocket League called the McLaren 570S Car Pack. This pack includes the 570S Battle-Car, as well as two Player Banners. Now, Rocket League players will get the chance to rocket a true English sportscar from each end of the arenas. The pack can be purchased now in-game for just $1.99.